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Based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Gulf Seal produces more than a 100 products and formulations of waterproofing Bitumen Memvranes meeting the highest international standards. As a Saudi manufacturing facility specialized in the production of quality waterproofing modified bitumen membranes. Gulf Seal operates from a state of the art facility with the highest and latest French technology obtained from Gulf Seal's sister company Axter France, which grants Gulf Seal to be the only certified Saudi waterproofing Bitumen Mambrance Manufacturer with European CE standards in the middle east. Today, millions of square meters of our membranes have been installed worldwide. Gulf Seal's Modified Bitemen Membranes are the basis for quality waterproofing systems guaranteeing to protect your structures and investments from the damaging effects of water

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All GS bitumen membranes with its APP polymer modification combined with the high tensile strength of polyester provides excellent resistance to tearing, permanent deformation and also has excellent heat ageing characteristics.


APP plastomeric polymer modified bitumen provides excellent characteristics

  • High resistance to ULTRA VIOLET light.
  • Good elongation
  • High resistance to chemical and atmospheric elements
  • High softening point
  • Good ageing
  • Excellent torch-on Characteristics
  • Compatible with all normal roofing components
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Take care: excessive heat will damage the polyester! NOTE: It is important to make sure that the thermo fusible film is totally melted

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All decks or substrates receiving waterproofing membranes should be dry, smooth and free from dust, grease, sharp projections or cracks. Angles and corners should be smooth

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The GS PRIMER must be applied with a brush, roller or mop.The primer should be dry before application of the membrane

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Unroll the membrane in order to align the roll with minimum of 8cm side overlap and 12cm end overlap

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Re-roll the membrane and then unroll again at the same time uniformly heating the underside by torching. Take care to ensure that a small pool of bitumen is formed. The lap should show a narrow bead of bitumen melts in from of the roll to ensure a perfect bond. The lap should show a narrow strain of bitumen on completion