About Gulfseal

When you are specifying waterproofing projects, you need a partner you can count on. A partner who is always there when need, that offers a choice of leading waterproofing systems and can offer you long term confidence and assurance

Based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, gulf seal produces more than a 100 products and formulations of waterproofing bitumen membranes meeting the highest international standards.

As a Saudi manufacturing facility specialized in the production of quality waterproofing modified bitumen membranes. Gulf Seal operates from a state of the art facility with the high est and latest French technology obtained from Gulf Seal›s sister company axter France, which grants Gulf Seal to be the only certified Saudi waterproofing bitumen membrane manufacturer with European CE standards in the middle east

Today, millions of square meters of our membranes have been installed worldwide. Gulf Seal›s modified bitumen membranes are the basis for quality waterproofing systems guaranteeing to protect your structures and investments from the damaging effects of water

In addition to the quality mark Arabia (SASO), in collaboration with the French quality inspection company (Secotec), and Al-HOUTI stinger laboratories examination, and of course, quality management certificate ( ISO 20089001-

Aljouf University
Jabal Omar
Medical City in Makkah - Abha - Jizan
Dar Al Hijra Madinah
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